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Welsh Wagyu biltong

BlightyBiltongCo is an ambitious company specialising in air-curing only the most exclusive meats in Blighty.
Our Chimichurri blend has subtle notes of garlic and is packed to the rafters with scrumptious herbs.
These magnificent beasts provide us with our fantastic marbled silversides ready for our biltong process.

Welsh Wagyu Biltong

With 30 years of cattle management under his belt, Ifor Humphreys from Montgomeryshire has just the right knowledge and experience to raise his Japanese Wagyu cattle on the family farm. Following the regime practised in Japan which produces the famous Kobe beef, but with a lovely Welsh twist to the tale, Ifor feeds his lucky cattle on four pints of beer a day from the wonderful local Monty's Brewery, accompanied by an occasional massage - many would envy the lifestyle!! These contributing factors give us a buttery, tender biltong that literally melts in the mouth.

" We carefully hand pick each and every animal used in the curing of our biltong from only a select few prestigiously acclaimed farms and farmers from across the UK"


‘Blighty Biltong is made in Britain, using the beef from beautifully looked after Welsh Wagyu cattle, and it is absolutely delicious.  My only quibble would be the bags aren’t big enough…’. 

Kate Humble

"Very tasty! A truly unique product"

Matt Worswick

Great British Chefs, Head Chef at the Latymer, Pennyhill Park

"It is simply AMAZING!"

Michelin Chef Gareth Ward 

Ynyshir Restaurant and Rooms. Powys, Wales

"An outstanding flavour! A definite must have snack!"

Andrew Birch

Great British Chef's, Head Chef at the Lainston House

A Cut Above The Rest

We utilise the best part of the traditional Silverside for our biltong. This means trimming off the Salmon (Eye) of the silverside leaving us with the much more tender bed (flat). We then slice the best biltong steaks and ready them for marinade.

We perform all our own butchery on site in our certified butchery in Shropshire. We personally hand pick the finest marbled silversides which gives us the advantage in ensuring only the best results. Once selected they are dry-aged for 30 days and prepared for the marinading process. This is what gives us our distinct flavour that wont be forgotten.

Just check out that marbling !!

Our crafty associates

Would you like to be part of our growing family and retail our Welsh Wagyu Biltong? If so then please get in touch at info@alternativemeats.co.uk