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  You may ask yourself: What does sailing have to do with British Biltong? As I would have done myself not long ago. My name is David and I am the founder of BlightyBiltongCo. Before taking on my own challenge of starting up a Biltong Company, I had a 10 year career in the world of sailing and so know the challenges of sailing across the Atlantic and the inherited dangers of doing so with a small crew, never mind solo like Simon Koster.  Simon Koster is a brilliant solo sailor who has recently taken on some of the finest...

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At BlightyBiltongCo Ltd, we love to hear everyones take on how to eat our delicious Welsh Wagyu Biltong. When we sent samples to our friend David White @thewhittlings, he sure delivered with this fantastic take on our delicious meat snack! "It’s important to me to slowly piece together local food producers that are doing something genuine and creative. This carefully spiced and dried beef from @blightybiltongco is made not far from here and has a complex and mature flavour I have only tasted before in really good dry mature cheeses."             "Served here skewered on fresh...

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