Welsh Wagyu - SnapSticks

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Traditionally called 'Stokkies', our Snapsticks are seriously addictive strips of biltong that make a great on-the-go snack for those meat lovers who enjoy a little more chew.

We currently offer our Snapsticks in our most popular flavour; Untouched

The blend is true to the traditional spices used by generations of South Africans before us. To create our British fusion, we air-cure our carefully selected Welsh Wagyu beef to the point of absolute precision. Combined with our house red wine vinegar and spice blend that smacks you in the face.

 With high protein content, this really is the perfect post-workout snack!

For those on a rest day, pair our Untouched blend with a craft ale or punchy pinot noir.


Due to our small batch methods we are limited to how much biltong we stock at any given time. This biltong doesn't hang around for long... Therefore, if we do not have your chosen delicacy in stock then please be patient with us and expect up to a 7 day lead time. This ensures we keep supplying only the freshest biltong. 

If we cannot produce the item chosen within this time then we will email you with an expected delivery date.